SKU: 13322
Fiamma Carry-Bike VW T6 Pro (Deep Black)

The Fiamma Carry-Bike VW T6 Pro has same technical and aesthetic features of the VW T5 Pro but with specific brackets for VW T6
The stylish design harmoniously follows the lines of the van without covering the lights or the number plate
It is incredibly simple and quick to install and demount the Carry Bike VW T6 Pro, and it has excellent rigidity on the rear of the vehicle
The upper brackets are fastened to the reinforced points at the back of the van, and the brackets are complete with plastic supports in the centre of them

Additional information :
  • This Carry-Bike rack is for tailgate models only 
  • The standard rack will carry up to 2-bikes but can be altered to carry 3 or 4
  • This rack is completely black (except for a few caps on the bike blocks & rails)
This rack is delivered as standard with :
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S D1
  • 1 x Bike Block Pro S D2
  • 2 x Rail Premium (for carrying two bikes)
Fiamma part number : 02094A08A